Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gorgeous New Beauty Products!

There are some things you just fall in love with, at first sight. That's what happened when I looked at the following lovely new products. Hopefully I win something featured in this post, otherwise I think an eBay purchase or two may be on the cards :)

Estée Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée

This little beauty is Limited Edition, can be used wet or dry to create shimmer and is so high-tech it is a 'tribrid' containing liquid, powder and gel. What the?! This is pretty exciting!

Benefit Ring My Bella Eau De Toilette

OK so I have no idea what it smells like, but I do have a healthy Benefit obsession and a love of gorgeous packaging. This fragrance has notes of pink rose, lily and daisies as well as vanilla, white musk and patchouli. YAY!

YSL Midnight Garden Eye Palette
& Midnight Garden Rouge Volupte Lipsticks

These are from the new season YSL collection. Fresh. Pretty. Colours. Need I say more? I'll just let you drool :)

What are you in love with right now?

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