Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Haul!

My wonderful husband spoiled me with a surprise weekend trip to Brisbane for my Birthday last month and front row seats to Grease the musical! It was totally amazing and I had the best Birthday ever! We also checked out the Treasury Casino and did some shopping. I bought all this for myself, so it's my Happy Birthday Haul!

I forgot to include my MAC lippie in the haul photo, so here it is on its own....

Complete Haul:
White Unicorn
T2 All Sorts One assorted 10 pack
LUSH Bohemian Soap
LUSH Sultana of Soap
LUSH Sea Vegetable Soap
Reflected Deer Archer Case
Rimmel Apocalips Nova
Rimmel Apocalips Celestial
Rimmel Apocalips Solstice
MAC Matte lipstick Russian Red

Above: some of my favourite movies!

Above: OMG, I die! Could this unicorn be any cuter? I'm calling him Max (of course).

Above: I'm new to tea, so I thought an assorted pack would be a good starting point.

Above: I managed to pick three Lush soaps I haven't tried before. Sultana of Soap is creamy, luxurious and smells lovely (haven't tried the others yet).

Above: Seriously, I could buy everything in Typo. I had to have this gorgeous pencilcase!

Above: Finally got myself some Apocalips lip lacquers. Very annoyed at Priceline for sealing them with sticky-tape, which took AGES to get off, came off in tiny pieces and left the tubes damaged. I've even washed them in warm water to try removing the sticky residue, to no avail. Epic Fail, Priceline :(

Above: Woo Hoo, MAC Russian Red. This is nuts good. LOVE!

Above: Cute paper the LUSH soaps were wrapped in!


  1. Happy belated birthday, what a lovely haul! I think that T2 sampler pack is a great idea, a good way to try out some flavours without really committing to them. Love the look of that lipstick too, I don't have many reds from MAC

    1. Thanks Emma! I swatched Russian Red and Ruby Woo but the latter looked way too dry. Really glad I went with Russian Red! :)

  2. Lucky girl. Did you like Brissie? I only live an hour away but rarely go in there... But I am Brisbane born and bred. Looks like you had a tonne of fun.

    1. Yes, I had a lovely time! Heaps warmer in Brissie than Adelaide, that's for sure! :)

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  4. Happy Birthday :) Love your haul, esp the unicorn and apocalips...what a pain with the stickytape..maybe eucalyptus oil will help remove any remaining stickiness?
    Thanks for sharing..I'm on a bit of a spending ban at the mo... so it's nice to enjoy others hauls vicariously!

    1. Thankyou! Great tip, I'll try some eucalyptus oil on the Apocalips. Spending bans are the toughest, good luck! :)


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