Thursday, August 3, 2017

Max My Movies: July Round-Up!

Oh boy, July was a huge movie month for me! My husband went away for work, the school holidays were on and my Dad took Mr 9 for a few days, so I spent a lot of time drinking wine and watching films! Since I saw twenty (yes 20!) films, I'll go through them pretty quickly, because that many in-depth reviews is not fun for you or me! This will be Spoiler-Free, just in case you haven't seen them. Here's everything I saw, in the order I saw them!

1. CARS 3
To be honest, I thought the third installment in the 'Cars' franchise was a bit boring. We saw this in a double with 'Despicable Me 3', and even Mr 9 preferred the latter. The saving grace is the amped up racing action, as Lightning McQueen tries to get back into the game. But for me it was all a bit 'meh'.

This was the perfect school holiday movie and a film I think both kids and adults would enjoy. South Park's Trey Parker was perfect as the former 80's child star Balthazar Bratt, bringing nostalgic 80's hits with his scenes. I loved this movie! It was entertaining from start to finish, funny, and did I mention the brilliant 80's soundtrack?

I cried during a movie that featured cock lollipops (lollicocks?), Rebel Wilson in a light-up dress and the phrase 'dicksand'. And it wasn't due to Dakota Johnson's shit acting. I'm being super-critical, this was actually better than I expected and I did laugh. Rebel Wilson fans should check it out for sure.

What if your best friend is also the love of your life? I can't stress how much I adore movies where best friends fall in love! It's just so satisfying and romantic to watch. This rom-com is based on Toothpaste And Cigars  (remind you of Coffee And Cigarettes?) and stars the growing-on-me Daniel Radcliffe and quirky Zoe Kazan. Recommended if you, too, enjoy this genre!

This has a magnificent cast including James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Zach Braff, and was captivating from start to finish. My nine year old also enjoyed it, and it's always good when you find something suitable for family viewing. My main memory of this movie is how beautiful it looked; the colours popped and nearly every scene was a stunning sight to behold.

I really enjoyed this con artist movie starring Will Smith and Australia's own Margot Robbie. It was exciting to watch, there was plenty happening and to be honest, it was amazing just to be able to watch a more adult movie (this isn't porn! I just mean it's not kid-friendly!) without the constant interruptions a nine year old son brings. Parents, you know what I mean.

I loaded this up on Netflix for my son and was only half watching whilst scrolling Instagram, so I can't give my full opinion. It was pretty standard and didn't blow my socks off, but Mr 9 liked it well enough.

Much the same as Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, I was only watching this sequel in a half-arsed fashion, and had mainly put it on for my son. The main thing I was thinking throughout was 'I really need to think of some non-animated family-friendly films I can watch with Mr 9, as animated crap often gets on my tits lol.

I saw the trailer for this a while ago and all I can remember is it's the movie with the girl in the yellow dress. Now I was drunk for a lot of these movies, but for some reason I thought I was watching 'Obvious Child' (which is still on my Watch List) instead of the yellow dress film. Oops. This was mildly funny, although a bit of a one-trick pony. It didn't take me long to get sick of the 'worst day ever' scenario but thankfully Elizabeth Banks was nice to look at haha.

I'm a big fan of both Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader and am always drawn to dramatic character pieces, so this film had been on my radar for quite some time. 'The Skeleton Twins' is definitely heavy and hard to watch in parts; a big part of it is about suicide and it can get depressing, but interspersed throughout are touching and funny moments. This film is about mending a broken brother-sister relationship, and it's just beautiful. Bring tissues!

So I watched another Daniel Radcliffe film! This film is really hard to describe. It's certainly strange and I had to look up what genre it is, because I couldn't even work it out. It's 'dark fantasy horror' apparently. Umm, I liked it, it's different, it definitely kept me enthralled and I appreciated the mystery 'whodunnit'  aspect.

I actually enjoyed this more than I expected, especially given the presence of Jennifer Aniston. It's a ridiculous comedy, but it has heart at the same time, in its own warped, crude way. If you want to escape with a mindless offensive comedy, this could be the one.

Because this is a spoiler-free post, I can't say why I didn't like this movie, and it actually really annoyed me. If you're easily depressed, probably don't watch this alone, with a bottle of wine, while your partner is out of the country like I did. Unless you have a good comedy on hand for afterwards.

I can't believe it has taken me this long to see my lover Leo DiCaprio in the impossible-to-miss-yet-I-still-did 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'. It's a three hour epic about real-life Stockbroker Jordan Belfort, brilliantly portrayed by DiCaprio, and his rise and fall amidst a shitload of drugs and sex. It's excessive, ridiculous, funny, captivating and above-all, entertaining as fuck. Recommended!

I only watched this because I'm a huge Drew Barrymore fan, and I didn't have high hopes. But still. Even with vintage Drew, this film is awful. I really dislike James Le Gros. Jennifer Beals haircut in this is the stuff of nightmares. And I'm pretty sure Drew Barrymore is just playing herself. Down to the daisy accessories and smoking Marlboro Reds, which she did at the time. Ugh.

Both my son and I had seen this before, but he wanted to watch it again. And who can blame him! Jerry Seinfeld voices the main character, Barry the Bee, and part-wrote the screenplay, so it at least brings the laughs. Animated kids movies are one of my least favourite movie genres, but Bee Movie is great and I'd recommend it. It reminds me of 'Antz' and 'A Bug's Life', a couple of other kid-friendly hilarious animated films about the insect world.

How do I say this without seeming like a bad parent? My son loves this movie. We've watched it together a few times, along with 'Dodgeball' (I make him look away at the bad bits). Yes, I've bred me a little Will Ferrell fan! This film is hilarious, and Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell together are gold. Their other film, 'Daddy's Home' is also great, but not as cool as 'The Other Guys'.

Obviously I love me some Will Ferrell, but not even his comedic genius (shut up, I'm a fan) can save this stinker. I watched the original Bewitched TV series when I was a kid, so I was interested in this despite knowing about the bad reviews. Really, the only good thing about it was that it was mild AF, so it was something non-animated that Mr 9 and I could watch together. Oh and Steve Carell as Uncle Arthur. Nailed it! I wish I could wriggle my nose like Samantha and make this hot mess disappear.

I love an intense Ryan Gosling action-drama, and this film really revved my engine (sorry). It's a bit of a slow burner, but it kept me interested the whole time and was suitably serious and moody, just like Ryan Gosling. Be warned though, the violence in this is brutal, so if you cringe at blood and gore, this may not be your cup of tea.

I will always give Melissa McCarthy the benefit of the doubt, but let's face it, this is not her finest work. The Boss is just not very funny. Such a shame because I'm a huge fan and I love Kristen Bell, too. I don't think this has much going for it, so I'll just say I like how Director and McCarthy's real-life husband Ben Falcone has little cameos in her films, and I always look out for them.

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What movies have you seen lately?


  1. I loved Despicable Me 3, thought it was really funny and Balthazar was such a cool villain. I actually liked Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1&2, the idea behind it was really good.

    1. I found it hard to get into the Meatball movies, but yeah Despicable Me 3 was so enjoyable! :)

  2. Ok - I'm now putting Despicable Me 3 on my list plus your Rom Com up there.
    I tried to watch The Boss the other night and turned it off half way through. I too adore Melissa but this was just plain boring.

    1. Glad it'snot just me re The Boss! Thanks for the linky :)

  3. I haven't seen Wolf of Wall St either - and really need to. I love a good rom com, so What If is now on my list too. #TeamLovinLife

  4. A few great movies in here! I agree that Horns was strange but I kinda liked it! :) Wolf of Wall Street is a masterpiece too :D so funny!

    Kate |

    1. Yes how brilliant is The Wolf Of Wall Street? Leo can do no wrong :)

  5. Last movie I saw was Dispicable Me x Need to check out some of these

  6. I really liked How To Be Single unexpectedly too. Dicksand is such a great and accurate term. I definitely need to see Horns now. I remember seeing the trailer and thinking it looked good but I'll have to hunt it down. Great post :)

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

    1. LOL dicksand is one of the best terms I've ever heard. Yes do check out Horns, I'd be interested to hear what you think!

  7. I love Will Ferrell and enjoy most of his movies, but did not like Bewitched, either. I watched Baby Driver today. Awesome movie, I highly recommend it xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

    1. Oh I really want to see Baby Driver but haven't had the chance as I've been sick. I'm glad you loved it! xx

  8. whoa, thats a lot of movies! I need to watch Oz asap!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  9. 20 movies in a month! That is epic!

  10. Superb list of movies, i have watched Despicable Me 3 and Cars 3. Oz the great and powerful was already in my wishlist. Thank you for the rest of the movies suggestions, adding them to my summer watch list now :)

    1. Great, I'm glad I could help out. Hope you love watching them! :)

  11. Oooh thanks for this! I rarely watch movies so I always like having recommendations so I'm not swimming lost in a sea of Netflix and Stan when I do finally decide to watch something.
    I actually watched Horns as well as few weeks ago! My friend loaned me the book it was based on so I wanted to see the film afterwards. Gotta say, if I hadn't read the book I think I would've spent much of the movie going "wtf is going on" XD

    1. I rarely read the book first, so it was cool you were able to have the full book-then-movie experience!

  12. I am dying to see despicable me 3! Glad you had time for some restful movie watching

  13. I've not been to the movies in yonks and bizarrely rarely watch any on TV. I generally tape TV shows and watch them (fast forwarding through the ads) on 1-2 nights a week and read other nights. However... I did sit down in front of Netflix last Friday for the first time in about two months and watch the movie about anorexia which has garnered a lot of criticism, To The Bone. I thought it was kinda okay. I was anorexic when younger so it hit home a little.

    1. I seriously considering watching To The Bone but I thought it might be too much for me. I made it through 13 Reasons Why though, so maybe I should give it a go :)


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