Tuesday, June 19, 2018

May Empties!

Hi guys! A short and sweet empties post from me today. I only finished seven products last month, but then as soon as we went into June, the empties started piling up, so next month's post will feature a lot more products. In the meantime, here's everything I completed in May.

Batiste Stylist XXL Volume Spray
This is still not as good as my favourite Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo (that they discontinued - boo!) but I'm learning to like it more I guess. I'm settling. I'm still pissed off that I can no longer buy the best volumising dry shampoo I had found on the market though. Can you tell?

Hask Coconut Oil Nourishing Shine Hair Oil
I wish this wasn't so hard to find because I flat out love it! The coconutty fragrance immediately transports me to a tropical island/white sand/blue water/laying on the beach/sipping cocktails type sitch, and it makes my hair look healthy as well. I couldn't find it in-store to repurchase, so I'm trying the Argan Oil Healing Shine one (featured in this Priceline 50% Off Haircare Haul post) instead!

Clinique Youth Surge Age Decelerating Moisturiser
This was a little sample pot that still managed to take me forever to finish. It was nice enough but I've got other moisturisers to get through, so I won't be buying it.

Oh Deer Sugar (Oh) Candy Cane Mint & Coconut Body Scrub
I actually won this in a Giveaway two Christmases ago (eek!) so I thought I better get a wriggle on and use it up! I wasn't a huge fan unfortunately, despite loving most Oh Deer Sugar products. I find their dry scrubs quite harsh on the skin, and much prefer the softer, gentler formula of the Soda Pop creamy scrubs. It did smell minty and fresh though!

Oh Deer Sugar (Oh) Confetti Fawn Jellybean & Popping Candy Shower Moose
The Oh Deer Sugar shower mooses (moose, deer, get it??) are my most favourite line from this brand! I adore the creamy, whipped formula and they are an absolute delight to use. I did enjoy Confetti Fawn but I won't repurchase as I want to try all the fragrance varieties in the range. You can read my thoughts on the lovely fruity Peachy Keen one and the Rose & Passionfruit one in my March Favourites and September Favourites blog posts respectively.

L'Occitane Divine Eye Balm
The L'Occitane store at Westfield Marion was handing out these samples as I was passing by so I thought I'd try them. I haven't tried much from this brand (maybe a hand cream?), and I have a particular interest in eye creams, however I couldn't really form much of an opinion from this tiny sample. The product was fairly thick and moisturising, as you'd expect from a balm.

L'Occitane Divine Eyes
This is a much lighter formula than the Eye Balm and was nice enough, but again I couldn't really test it properly from the sachet sample, as it just lasted a few goes. A good way to make my expensive eye creams last longer, via the use of free samples in the interim though?

So I didn't finish up that many products last month, but blogging about them has inspired me to try harder and I think I'll aim to write an Empties post every month. That way I can actually bin my finished products instead of hanging on to them for a blog post I never end up writing!

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Have you tried any of these products? 


  1. That volume spray is amazing isn’t it!! Can’t live without it

    1. I prefer the old formula of the dry shampoo version, but I'm trying to love this one!

  2. Seven empties is still quite a bit. I'm struggling to finish products at the moment. I'm getting too distracted by new products!

    1. Haha, the struggle is real! I'm trying to be disciplined if only to de-clutter my beauty collection a bit!

  3. Ooo that body scrub sounds amazing!!! I really want to try Oh deer!

    Laura || www.thelifeoflaura.com.au xx

    1. You would love Oh Deer Sugar products, they are amazing! x

  4. Im having a very slow month as far as completed products are concerned. Mind you I was so close to finishing Dy cream and a Night cream and then some trial products arrived so the Old Day and Night Cream has gone on hold. At the end of this month we are half way through the year and Im not half way through the number of products that im aiming to complete this year.

    1. Haha yes new products are always more exciting, I have to stop myself from starting too many before I've finished off some old ones. Blogging my Empties is helping in this regard though! :)

  5. I wish coconut oil worked in my hair!! You'll love the Argan Oil though :)
    Ebony x


    1. Yes it's not bad but I think I prefer the coconut oil one! x

  6. I love your "empties" posts. I tried some of that coconut oil only this week.

  7. LOL: "It was nice enough but I've got other moisturisers to get through, so I won't be buying it." Short, sharp and to the point, Love it #teamlovinlife

  8. You reminded me - now I've cut my hair off again - I need something to style / shape it that doesn't make it look wet. It tends to stand up on end and I need to flatten it but the mousse I have looks kinda wet!

    PS. I love me some expensive samples and completely agree they're a great way to get a bit more out of a product. I usually use mine when I go away / travel!


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