Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Face of Australia Cares!

I received a lovely Care Package from the generous people at Face of Australia, for my consideration. Below are my thought on some of the products I received in the package. A big thank you to Face of Australia for their generosity. All opinions are my own, and are unbiased.

FOA Gentle Make-Up Remover

rrp $8.95 for 125 ml bottle

This oil and paraben free remover can be used to remove all types of make-up, including waterproof. I didn't try it on waterproof as I don't wear that, but I can say it was extremely efficient at whisking away foundation, concealer and eye make-up. I did love how gentle this product was, especially around the eye area. Some products, you can just tell are going to sting if some goes in your eye, but that wasn't the case here. The remover looks strange in the bottle, because it sits in two layers, which you mix together by shaking. This activates the product. Ingredients include Cornflower Extract, which has soothing properties. I've been using this product daily for about a month, and I really can't find fault with it. The bottle is well-designed to reduce spillage and the product is a "tear compatible" pH sensitive formula specifically designed for those with sensitive eyes and/or skin. It works well and fast. I will be re-purchasing this Remover once I've finished the bottle.

FOA Divine Shine Lip Plumper (in Lavish Instinct)

I am absolutely head over heels in love with this product! I purchased it before receiving another one in my FOA Care Package, and thus, reviewed it a few months ago. You can see that review here.

FOA Mineral Lip Shine

rrp $12.95

This 'Lip Shine' is a product marketed as between a lip gloss and a lipstick (not as sticky/shiny as gloss and not as heavy as a lipstick). I received the Fairy Floss shade, which is a very light, pearly pink that looks close to white once applied on my lips. The colour didn't suit me at all, as I need darker/brighter/warmer shades as I'm so fair. Having said that, I did find a use for it; it can be used to lighten a very dark red, or take the edge off a harsh colour, by applying it over the top and blotting.
Consistency-wise, the lip shine feels light and moisturising on the lips. I quite like the formula, and it's possible that some of the darker shades would suit my complexion. The lip shine contains natural mineral pigments, antioxidant vitamins and skin hydrating ingredients to soften and moisturise the lips.

* I used the photo (above, Lip Shine) from the FOA site, as the photos I took didn't do the product justice!

FOA Liquid Eyeliner

rrp $8.95 for 8ml

I've only used this product a few time so far, because I'm not a massive fan of liquid eyeliner, however, it has proved to be a great alternative to my usual black pencil eyeliner. The fine applicator brush makes it really easy to apply the eyeliner. I must say, my first attempt was a wobbly mess, but it didn't take much practice to improve. The design of the brush means you can easily apply either a fine line, or if you angle it slightly, a thicker line. I also used it after applying pencil eyeliner, on the edges of my eyes, to wing out the line. I loved this look, because I got a finer point than I normally get with the pemcil eyeliner. The pigment was great, a really dark black which I loved. Also, I'm appreciating the price; very affordable at only $8.95. If you have been wanting to try liquid eyeliner, this may the place to start. Overall, I was impressed with this product.

I was also sent a variety of FOA foundations (Stick, Mineral Liquid and Mineral Powder) but the shade was way too dark on me, so I was unable to give these the proper trial they deserved.

Thanks again, FOA, for providing these products for consideration. If you'd like to check out the range, their website is here.

Face of Australia products can be purchased at PriceLine, KMart, Big W and selected Pharmacies throughout Australia.


  1. I love FOA's liquid liner. Cheapie but a goodie. (:

  2. Thanks for the review! I'm new to FOA, I just recently purchased a bronzer and loved it.. And it's so affordable!

    I'm interested in the make up remover and eye liner, although I will need to work on my application technique ;)

  3. I love FOA's liquid eye liner too! Was using it a while ago, then switched to something else and now I've gone back to it, don't know why I switched to something else in the first place.

  4. I need to try that makeup remover, I've been looking for a good one. :) Too bad we don't have FOA here! :(


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