Friday, April 8, 2011

Revlon Nail Enamel in Plum Seduction

Plum Seduction, no flash.

rrp $13.95

Revlon say of their Nail Enamels:
 *Silk-Silicone formula delivers a layer of silk protein which instantly evens out nail surface
 *Silicone shield rises to the surface to automatically smooth away bubbles, streaks and brush marks to deliver a salon perfect finish
*Chip resistant smooth finish and rich glorious colour

I started off applying a coat of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth, but that looked so shiny and appealing I wanted to amp up the pretty, so I broke open my Revlon Nail Enamel in Plum Seduction and got to work. One coat was not enough, as it was thin and uneven in parts, so I waited for that to dry and applied a second coat. I used the clear Sally Hansen as a top coat, all the while thinking this is extravagant! The most I ever do (or used to, before I had my son) is two coats, with a top coat being UNHEARD of!
Va Va Voom!! I was shocked by how much I loved this bright, bold shade of pink! Since becoming a Mother I hardly even wear nailpolish anymore. I usually do my toenails bright red or dark pink, but that's it. But lately, I've been wanting to feel a bit more glamorous. Let me tell you ladies, and especially Mothers, there's nothing like a gorgeous nail colour to pep up your day! It's such a simple thing, but it's really making me smile :o) I'm only on Day 2, so this is not really a review of the merits and wearability of this polish. (I can say it hasn't chipped so far). It's more of a post about how the addition of colour can really cheer you up.
The colour looks quite different when photographing it with and without the flash, so I'm posting both. Also, remember I've barely worn any polish for years, so in the close-ups you can see my dodgy application. And I sincerely mean dodgy, in the true sense of the word. Someone needs practice :o) Kind of regretting snapping so close, as the edges are quite bad. It doesn't look that bad in real life, thank goodness!

Fingers out! No flash.

Don't laugh at the edges! With flash.

What's your favourite nail polish?


  1. Ooh, what a nice colour, Revlon make my favourite nail polishes. I quite like OPI too, but I'm particularly fond of Revlon Red and 'Plummy', which is exactly as it sounds, a pretty plummy purple. I don't normally paint my fingernails, because I'm constantly typing, cooking, other handy things and it chips off almost immediately regardless of which polish I use. I almost always have my toenails painted though. At the moment they're jade green with a holographicky glitter over the top, I think they look like dragon scales.

  2. Mine is sparkly orange on my toes at the moment! he he just a cheapy from Coles but it gets attention!

  3. babycakequeen - sounds fantastic! I have an orange Revlon one called Tropicana that I havent even opened yet. I must try it!
    Jasmine1485 - thanks, yeah it is lovely :) LOL the only OPI I have is the mini Shrek Collection I won (colours are blue, greem, yellow etc), but I'd love to purchase (or win!) some more OPI to try in the future. LOL at your dragon scale toenails, hehe :)

  4. OOoooh, I tried that a couple of weeks ago. Loved the deep purple shade.
    My favourite nail polishes at the moment is between China Glaze First Mate and FOA Molten Metallics Flaming Lava

  5. Awesome! I'm reading here and there about the FOA Molten Metallics ones, they really interest me, too.


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