Friday, September 16, 2011

15 Flipping Pizzas!

September is Party Month for me at the best of times (hence the lack of bloggage). It is a month that contains my son's Birthday, my Wedding Anniversary, Father's Day, the Royal Adelaide Show and my Birthday.

Well Party mode was in full swing when I also won a Domino's Edge Pizza Party, consisting of 15 pizzas of my choice, delivered. If you've ever wondered, here's what 15 pizzas looks like.

It is an absolute shit-load.  I will spare you the shots of me pigging the fuck out, or anally labelling the front of each box with 'Haw', 'Pep', 'Sup' or 'Meat', my little codes so I knew what type each pizza was. Yes, I got paid out for that, big time.

For anyone interested, here's what I chose:

1 x Bacon Double CheeseBurger
2 x Pepperoni
2 x Hawaiian
2 x Meatlovers
2 x Godfather
2 x Aussie
2 x Supreme
2 x Double Beef & Bacon

Hello, Pacman!....

All I can say is, I am so full right now. And guess what we'll be eating for the next three days?!


  1. Hope they were delish! My favourite pizza place at the moment is Pizza Capers. There's one only 5 minute walk from me or 1 min in the car. Nicely done. Did you share with neighbours or family. Pizza party at your place?

  2. Yeah we had a few people around. After they finished eating, we got them to take some of the unopened ones home. Too much! Ooh I haven't tried Pizza Capers. I wonder if they are in SA?

  3. Don't know if Pizza Capers is in SA sorry.
    Hey was just reading some blogs and found on NQN a reference to a restaurant in Sydney called Golden Unicorn. Thought of you immediately. Have you heard of it or been there?

  4. No I haven't heard of that one! Imagine having to pick a live crab out of the tank to eat (I couldn't do it!). Was funny that she said the crab looked terribly sad and she then had second thoughts (but ate him anyway). LOL.

  5. I couldn't pick out a live one either. Much as I love crab. If we had to get our own food, I'd be a vegetarian for sure. Reasonably sure that veges don't have sad faces. Do they......

  6. Nope. Well, except for broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage. Because they are revolting and they know it. :)


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