Saturday, September 24, 2011

Unicorn With Soul

This absolutely stunning picture is called 'Soul of a Unicorn' by Josephine Wall. This is quite similar to Lady Unicorn (also by Josephine Wall) which I blogged about here

Josephine explains Soul of A Unicorn:

"In a world filled with adversity the unicorn symbolises all that is pure, gentle and loyal. She travels to all corners of the earth, with blankets of flowers springing up wherever she treads. She helps those who are sick in body or mind with a touch of her healing horn. She weaves a special magic to influence our hearts to do good, and to give us the desire to help others, and fill us with joy at the beauty of our planet."

What a gorgeous way to look at things. There is so much happening in this painting, I could marvel at it for hours. It is intricate, delicate and beautiful.

You can check out the rest of her artwork here

* I am not affiliated with this artist, nor do I know her, I am just a fan of her work.


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